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Deanna Shoss is a marketer, writer, and interculturalist in Chicago.

She currently is Queen Bee (President, CEO and Founder) of Intercultural Talk, Inc., a marketing and communications firm that serves successful entrepreneurs and dreamers 50 and older who want to exist (aka be found on social media and the Internet). She also helps people co-exist as a Strategic Partner of Executive Diversity Services, providing Diversity & Inclusion training to global corporations, police departments and municipalities.

Prior to being an entrepreneur Deanna enjoyed 11 years in City Government (she personally got the dinosaur in Terminal 1 at O’Hare through security), being past President of the League of Chicago Theatres, and heading-up Marketing for Jewish Child & Family Services and JVS Chicago.

Deanna “walks the talk,” at home, too, living in an intercultural, interfaith world as a Jewish Midwesterner with a Brazilian husband and a Gen Z son. Who knew “oy,” meaning “everything hurts” in Yiddish is a friendly “hello” (“oi”) in Portuguese? “I just thought everyone was in pain the first time I visited.”


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  1. Hello Deanna, My name is Kevin Broyles the owner of SNEW Fashion and accessories and The founder of SNEW Generation. Would like to get involved with making a difference in our communities states and Country concerning multicultural and how we make a difference . Also looking for business partners and investors . 314-372-6362

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