Get Unstuck and Innovate Book Review of Stretch for Change

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There are two things that I immediately liked about Stretch for Change by Gustavo Razzetti. First, for a book that advocates change as a never ending trajectory over time, It’s published in a font size that people over a certain age can actually read.

(Tired of reading already? Just watch the video review!)

Second, it’s hard to distinguish the Gustavo you get in real life from the Gustavo you get on the pages in the book. And that’s a good thing, considering that transparency is a key trait he advocates for in being a change leader.

Exercise your Change Fitness

This book teaches about Change Fitness. The more you master your willingness to change, stop being afraid and let go of paralysis around making the absolute perfect decision, the more Change Fit you and your team can become.

Diversify and Amplify your Perspective

Razzetti says Change is about amplifying your perspective. To do that, you need to be aware of your own “default” perspective. And you need to  embrace the challenge of multiple perspectives, to see your work, your life, your challenges, from different angles. That also means purposefully surrounding yourself and your team with a diversity of ideas, backgrounds and viewpoints.

Action Jump Starts Change

And when in doubt, Razzetti says ACT. Changing your behavior, getting up and moving, will jump start change.

After my initial read, Razzetti’s Book is a good resource to keep nearby. With so many ideas and exercises, Whenever I find myself heading for a snack—which never works to clear and refocus my mind–I can in stead open to any page in the book and am sureto glean new wisdom to keep me unstuck.

Final Notes about Gustavo Razzetti Stretch for Change

For full disclosure (or lack thereof) I do know Gustavo, but purchased my own copy of the book, so I’m not under a $20 obligation to say good things.

Plus, his book is related to a core theme of my book: he sites diversity as critical for innovation. And, the fact that I even know Gustavo has everything to do with Diversity & Inclusion. I met him when I reached out and asked to interview him after he posted on Linked In about his experiment of being homeless for a day, taking a literal approach to stepping into another’s shoes. Read that story, the time he was lost overnight in the woods in Patagonia, and many more ways to get out of your comfort zone and unstuck for change in the book, and learn more (and test your change readiness) at the Stretch for Change website.

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