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Grandma Studies Sports Page to Connect to Grandson

We were sitting at the dinner table at Fitz’s in St. Louis last week. While my husband, son and I chatted at one end of the table, I overheard my mom getting a momentary-oh-so-cherished-one-on-one with her grandson, my 15 year old nephew, an avid St. Louis Blues hockey fan.

“So, how do you think the Blues will do with Elliott gone?” she asked him, me thinking who is this strange woman next to me?

“They’ll do okay,” he answered, with the new goalie team coming on.”

“You mean, Allen? Do you think he’ll stay?” she asked by way of follow-up question. An actual sports-related follow-up question.

“Yeah,” he answered, making this a full blown conversation. “And Hutton will be a good back up, too.”

At that the moment passed, the food arriving, and the attention focused back to the full group.

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Later that night, I couldn’t help but comment. “Wow, mom…impressive…you really studied!” I knew that my mom actually hates hockey. One time when my sisters and I spoke of fond memories of going to hockey games with our dad, who had season tickets when we were growing up, my mom chimed in with “yes, I was glad when you kids were old enough to go so I didn’t have to freeze in that arena anymore!”

Grandma Studies Sports Page to Connect to Grandson

By Guest Blogger Deanna Shoss