Feeling Good in Your Body is a Good “Combo” at Any Age

combos vs old ladies sized

What I learned early on in my trips to Brazil to visit my husband’s family is that wearing a bikini is less about your concern of how others will see you, but more about how you feel about yourself. 

And there’s nothing wrong with feeling good and confident.

I know the ad is supposed to be funny.  Eww–what a horrible combo of an old lady who feels 18 in a bikini. 

I’m still not getting it.  For a woman in her 60’s, 70’s or 80’s (or teens for that matter, when pressure is even harder to look good–at least at 80 you can say “who gives a _ _ _ _”) to be in good shape and feel good about herself is awesome.  For her age, this lady is in good shape. In fact, I bet she doesn’t eat Combos, given the fat, hydrogenated oils and chemicals that make up its ingredients.

But, in our youth obsessed society where 23.7% of the population are under 18 and 13.3% over 65, to advertisers it’s irrelevent what I think. 

Now I get it, you’ve purposely offended old people, mothers who are on the verge of being old, to market to 18 year olds.  But, then, why are you advertising in my magazine (People), where the median age is 38?  Perhaps in the end, the joke’s on you.

What do you think?

One thought on “Feeling Good in Your Body is a Good “Combo” at Any Age

  1. I just saw this advert while listening to music on myspace. I’m 38 and it really turned me off. I was searching to find some online critique of the ad when I cam accross your site. This makes me actively NOT want to ever buy combos. And I actually used to eat them. Bad marketing move Mars.

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